About us

About us

Along with aquaculture, fisheries production, sport fishing and advisory services, we also focus on promotion and raising awareness of the issues within the industry. We take a comprehensive approach to fishing and aim to create a comprehensive portfolio of services to satisfy the needs of all fishing enthusiasts.

Our work builds on the extensive experience of the company’s two partners: globally renowned fisherman Jakub Vágner and RSBC Private Equity CZ a.s., an investment group owned by Robert Schönfeld.

About us

JAKUB VÁGNER RYBÁŘSTVÍ a.s. was founded in June 2014 by two partners, Jakub Vágner and RSBC Private Equity CZ a.s., an investment group majority owned by investor Robert Schönfeld. The company focuses on fishing and pond farming, taking comprehensive approaches to aquaculture and building on the extensive experience of both partners. The company aims to unify the different segments of the fishing market under one umbrella and become a leader in the following areas: aquaculture, fisheries production, fishing gear sales, the professional media, holiday fishing resorts, representation of the world’s biggest freshwater fishing brands, and education about and promotion of fish and fishing.

JAKUB VÁGNER RYBÁŘSTVÍ a.s. builds on decades of experience in freshwater fisheries and pond farming. Robert Schönfeld’s family is the owner of the largest ponds in Northern Bohemia, the Lenešické ponds (purchased at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries from the Schwarzenberg family). Jakub Vágner is a global fishing celebrity and the combination of his professional know-how and extensive experience provide unmatched expertise


Like any other commercial company, JAKUB VÁGNER RYBÁŘSTVÍ a.s. focuses maximizing value from its operations and seeks to develop a long term and sustainable business. Nevertheless, profit is not the company’s sole aim. Both owners share a longstanding love of pond farming as it builds on the relationship between humans and nature and plays a role in cultivation of the landscape. They consider traditional pond farming an important part of Czech cultural heritage. The significance of fishing and aquaculture for children is also important, as they can form a foundation for a lasting relationship with the environment.

akcionar1.jpg, 23 kB „Reintroduction of traditional, sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture.“
Jakub Vágner

akcionar2.jpg, 33 kB „There are around one million fishermen in the Czech Republic. Yet nobody covers this area comprehensively.“
Robert Schönfeld

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