Fisheries  production

Fisheries production

The aim of JAKUB VÁGNER RYBÁŘSTVÍ a.s is to become an important producer of quality freshwater fish, which is evidently the healthiest commonly accessible food. Fish, namely carp, is an ideal health food with great potential for higher consumption levels and consequently a larger market.

Our long-term vision is the renaissance of Czech fishing and pond farming, which is a unique aspect of our historical-cultural heritage unparalleled in Europe as well as a very old traditional craft that forms a close bond between humans and nature.

Historically, there were three times as many fish ponds in the Czech Republic than there are today. During the 20th century, traditional pond fishing declined significantly in the Czech Republic, with a loss of expertise, craftsman creativity and state support of the sector. The importance of fish ponds and associated natural systems is, however, essential to the landscape, water management and active recreation and is in accordance with the principles of environmental farming.

We strive to adopt an environmentally healthy approach to pond fish farming. Even with a high production level of the best quality fish, our aim is to maintain a water quality level suitable for swimming in the ponds we manage. We will emphasise development and using natural carp feed for as long as possible as a guarantee of carp’s unique food properties. This will be closely aligned with outreach to the broadest range of the public, which needs to learn that Czech fish ponds hold the most beneficial food imaginable.

A decisive factor for fulfilment of our objectives is attaining suitable bodies of water, which will be systematically acquired from all existing sources through either purchase or long-term lease. Currently, we conduct fish farming and sport fishing on a total of 25 ponds (some in our ownership and some leased) with a total area of 100 ha.

A significant element in the acquisition of water areas are subsidies provided by the EU and the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. We advocate for significant allocation of European funding for promotion of development of ponds in the Czech Republic. If we don’t catch and retain water in our lands – in the European watershed – the modified and damaged landscape will drain it and it will be gone forever.

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7. 10. 2014
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18. 9. 2014
The Wall Street Journal


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