Jakub Vágner

Jakub Vágner

Jakub Vágner

Despite his young age, Jakub Vágner is an international celebrity well known within the Czech world of fishing and beyond. In the past he worked as a fishing guide in many European countries and later made numerous expeditions to remote, often almost unexplored corners of the planet.

He holds many official fishing records awarded by the International Game Fish Association for some of the biggest freshwater fish catches on the planet. For instance, he caught the biggest arapaima in the world with a length of 307 cm and weight of 151 kg.

He was the first person to prove the mass occurrence of catfish in the Czech Republic and he is one of the key promoters of the “catch-and-release” concept, in which fish are not treated as a source of food but are released back into the water. As a publicly known figure, Jakub Vágner promotes fishing in his documentaries. He produced the twenty-episode “Fishing with Jakub” series, which was broadcast by the Czech and Slovak public TV channels. He moderated a series of fishing documentaries for the National Geographic Channel. In 2010, he appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Currently he is working on his own fishing series for Czech TV and the Discovery Channel, which is one of the most popular channels in the world with more than two billion viewers.

akcionar2.jpg, 33 kB„Jakub’s fishing experience is unique on a global scale and it gives us a chance to succeed not only in this country but in the long-term perspective also in the international markets.“
Robert Schönfeld

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